“Wow, Donors are Amazing People!!”


Thanks to your generosity, we raised $80,000 this month for me and my friends at Save the Chimps.

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us!

Our lives are happy now because of YOU!

We run on the grass, feel the warm sun, and have friends to enjoy life with, and YES, it’s ALL because of YOU!!

…And did I mention all the apples?!

Loud pant hoots to you!!


Nigida with applesP.S. Thanks for all of the suggested captions to go with my photo.

Some of my favorite caption ideas are:

“Wrapples….Rot Wrapples?

“How do you like THEM apples!”

“What!? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? But I love Dr. B!”

And last but not least,

“The last thing he remembers from the party is ‘Nigida I bet you can’t stuff….'”