Dear Friends of Save the Chimps,

  I know this is a busy time of year, but please take a moment to read this important letter…

First, let me express my gratitude for all you’ve done for Save the Chimps in 2010. Caring friends like you have been a phenomenal source of help and hope through a very challenging year. We’ve been amazed and inspired by your compassion and help…

So, on behalf of the chimps and all of our staff, let me say “THANK YOU!” for the kindness you’ve shown.

But in writing today, I can’t stop at “thank you” – the challenges ahead compel me to ask for your help to meet critical needs through the holiday season and into the beginning of 2011.

Please will you help with the most generous year-end gift you can send? Our mission to take care of the chimps depends on you – and your support makes a difference!

In fact, let me share just a few examples of good things we’ve accomplished this past year with caring friends like you behind us. You’ve helped us:

Rufus and his family roam their island!

… turn Rufus’s potentially tragic situation into a story of hope. When Rufus developed a serious infection in the bone of his arm, we were devastated to learn that it would have to be amputated. The procedure was necessary, but we were concerned that losing his arm would crush Rufus’ tremendous spirit. But, much to our joy, the surgery – conducted by three veterinarians and a human orthopedic surgeon – was a monumental success! Rufus has bounced back, and quickly! In fact, he is more lively and energetic than ever. We’re happy to report that Rufus is still a legend in his own mind (and ours too, of course!)

… provide sanctuary for two former pet chimps, Conner & Kramer. When the two eight-year-old chimps came to Save the Chimps late summer, their arrival was not planned. The person who had kept them as pets could no longer provide a home for them and requested our help on an emergency basis. We couldn’t say no. Your swift and generous response helped us accommodate them…

… complete another chapter in The Great Chimp Migration. In 2010, more than 50 chimps made the 2,000 mile trip from the former Coulston Laboratory in New Mexico to Save the Chimps permanent sanctuary in Florida. In just one year, our custom-built trailer made the long round trip six times! Each journey brought more chimpanzees – each with their own window seat – to their new island home. The chimps left behind forever the confines of the cages where years ago they were unwilling subjects of inhumane biomedical experiments.


Each of the six migrations in 2010 brought so many emotional moments. No words fully capture the joy and excitement of seeing the chimps step out onto their island, some tentatively, some with great joy, some touching grass for the first time ever. Each arrival was deeply moving and a powerful reminder that working together, you and I are providing a place where these magnificent beings will be able, finally, to roam, explore, and enjoy life in the sun for the rest of their lives.


In fact, our most important goal for the coming year is completing The Great Chimp Migration. With your continuing support, we’ll bring the remaining chimps from our sanctuary in New Mexico to their sanctuary home in Florida by summer 2011…

In addition to helping us complete the migration project which costs $2,500 per chimp, your most generous gift today will help provide for the daily needs of all the chimps – fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods; medicine when they’re sick, enrichment activities on their island homes; and much more.

Please help us to take care of Rufus, Connor, and Kramer and all the others.  A generous year-end gift will be a great help in the weeks and months ahead, so I hope you’ll respond today.

On behalf of the chimps, thank you for being a part of our family.

With best wishes for 2011,

Philip Flynn
Executive Director
P.S. A generous matching gift from the  Arcus Foundation means your year-end gift to Save the Chimps is actually worth TWICE as much as the face value. $50 becomes $100, $250 becomes $500. Even a gift of $25 doubles and becomes $50 which can provide food and meet other needs of the chimps. This is your last chance to make a tax-deductible, year-end gift for 2010.