Spread the love with an adoption in honor of Mother’s Day!

When you adopt a chimpanzee at Save the Chimps you help share the caring, nurturing and unconditional love that mom showed you.

And since it’s almost Mother’s Day and moms need love, too, you can even choose to adopt one of the loving moms that live at Save the Chimps as a special gift!

April is a loving and patient adoptive mom to Melody. Jennifer had 13 babies in 17 years—over double the normal infants a chimp would have over their entire lifetime in the wild. Scarlett had two children taken away from her before she came here to Save the Chimps.

April Jennifer Scarlett

All deserve love and support and to have their basic needs met. They need you! 

Whichever chimp you adopt, you or your gift recipient will receive an adoption packet with an 8×10 portrait of the chimp, certificate of adoption, biography and annual update. If you wish, we can even include a special Mother’s Day certificate to your special honoree.

Open your heart. Share your love! Adopt a chimp this year for Mother’s Day!

100% of your donation will support the care of chimpanzees.