The Save the Chimps sanctuary is built on 150 converted acres of what was once orange groves.  STC has transformed this land into a true Floridian upland habitat, complete with two lakes surrounded by lush cattails, which provide a wonderful nesting habitat for birds and other wildlife in addition to a natural playground for our chimps.

After more than 5 years of growth, however, the cattails have become too dense, and the vegetation threatens to inhibit our day to day monitoring of the chimps.  When faced with the challenge of cutting back these cattails without the use of herbicides, our own Cliff Peterson, Head of our dedicated maintenance department, came up with an excellent solution – a pontoon boat.  From that boat, we could trim and remove cattails as needed. In fact, our overall lake management program would be much improved, if we only had a boat.

As fate would have it, members of STC’s development staff had the pleasure of meeting Mr. George Scott last month.  When George spoke of his work in yacht sales, our development staff members mentioned STC’s need for a  pontoon boat for the purpose of improving the monitoring of our island inhabitants.  George expressed a great interest in helping our chimps and, within a mere few of weeks, he contacted us to say
“We might just have a boat”.

Incredibly, Leon Lenzi , the owner of 2002 Restaurant, a local favorite in Vero beach, had offered to donate his pontoon boat.  Thanks to Leon’s generosity and George’s dedication and expertise, that boat arrived at the STC sanctuary last week.

Leon and George, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for this wonderful donation.  On behalf of the chimps, our maintenance staff and everyone else at STC, thank you for being a part of our family and for helping to improve the lives of these great animals