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Pepsi Painting

Every day at Save the Chimps, we have so many opportunities to marvel at the amazing things chimpanzees can do.

You have a chance to share in these experiences. I’m hoping you’ll get a smile from this heartwarming video of our resident chimpanzees painting.

Painting is just one of many enrichment activities the chimpanzees here choose. And, as you’ll see, some of them seem to get very absorbed in their work . . .

To watch them intently swirling their brushes, changing colors and admiring their work will give you a sense of how intelligent, sensitive and creative chimpanzees truly are.

Thank you for sharing in these experiences, because your kindness helps make everything we do possible! Please watch the video now.

The paintings in this video are available in the All Things Chimp online auction running through July 16, 2017!