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March 1994 – April 2012
July 1983 – April 2012

Bradley was born March 17, 1994 at The Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, NM to his mother Stella and his father Lou. He was separated from his mother right away and sent to live in the laboratory nursery. He was only one year old when he was sent to a research laboratory in Maryland, and a page in his file indicates that he lived alone, but contain no other records of his years there. To our knowledge he remained there until early 2002 when he was sent to another research laboratory in Texas. After Save the Chimps took over The Coulston Foundation, Bradley was returned to his place of birth in New Mexico. There he bradley-1was introduced to other chimpanzees, which Bradley found a bit daunting at first. He was a very sweet and gentle fellow, but somewhat shy and reserved around other chimps. He often cuddled a bundle of soft blankets for comfort. He eventually became best friends with Roady, another male chimp his age who, like Bradley, had lived much of his life in isolation. Together they became members of Tapioca’s Family.

Tapioca’s Family was the last group to migrate to Florida, where a world like they had never seen awaited them. Bradley was a bit tentative about exploring his new home when he first arrived, but eventually ventured out to the grassy hills. To our great sorrow, Bradley passed away suddenly just months after his arrival in Florida. We deeply miss our handsome and kind friend with all of our hearts.


libbell-2Libbell was born July 4, 1983 to her mother Debbie and father Les at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP). She was named Libbell after the “Liberty Bell” because of her date of birth. Libbell spent the next 13 years of her life in a 5’x5’x7’ cage that was suspended off the floor of a room at LEMSIP. She endured repeated “knockdowns” and liver biopsies, and developed a habit of self-mutilation in which she would pick open wounds on herself. In 1996, LEMSIP closed, and Libbell was sent to The Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, NM. There she met other chimps, including her friend Plum who was also a LEMSIP veteran.
In 2002, Libbell was rescued by Save the Chimps. She had a large swelling on the top of her head which resulted from a skull defect. Rupture of the swelling would quickly cause libbelldeath, so introducing Libbell to a large family group carried too great a risk of injury; also, Libbell’s habit of self-mutilation returned any time she had even a minor wound, so she could only live with very gentle chimps. Libbell and Plum lived together with two other laid-back females, Cayenne and Indie.


Following life-saving surgical repair of the skull defect by STC’s veterinary team, Libbell and her girlfriends also met Ridge, a male chimp who also found group living to be a challenge. Together they became residents of our “Special Needs” Building in Florida. Her adorable smile and gentle demeanor endeared sweet Libby to all who met her. Sadly, Libbell passed away in her sleep following a brief illness, and a light in our lives and the lives of her chimpanzee friends went out.

Rest in Peace, Bradley and Libbell. We will keep you in our hearts always.
“No one ever really dies as long as they leave us with fond memories.”

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Thank you to everyone who makes our work possible.  It is because of your compassion and generosity that chimps are able to live out their lives in peace.