What Makes Us Different


Save the Chimps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing chimps all over the United States and providing them a home where they can live their lives in dignity. To fulfill this mission, we use an animal sanctuary model that limits human interaction with the chimps. Not only does this better simulate a natural environment, but it also facilitates the natural social communities chimpanzees form.

Our animal sanctuary is unique, encompassing 12 islands across 150 acres. Not only does this provide plenty of space for the chimps, but these islands are self-contained, allowing each island’s communities to grow and thrive without intervention. In addition, our use of man-made islands allows water to serve as a natural barrier. Rather than erect imposing barriers throughout our animal sanctuary, the use of water simulates the open environment chimps would encounter in the wild. Our chimps still receive regular feedings, supervision, and medical care but their daily interactions with humans is limited. We think that these conditions create the best possible life for our rescued chimpanzees.

This separation and focus on dignity is what makes Save the Chimps’ animal sanctuary different from other animal rescue facilities. Whereas other animal rescues do important work in saving vulnerable animals from exploitation, further exploitation can occur within the realm of the rescue facility. Our animal sanctuary is not open to the public, as we feel that is best for our chimps and the perceptions of chimpanzees all over the world. However, we thrive on support, volunteers, and donations from people who share our mission. You can symbolically adopt a chimp, learning more about their personality and providing for their livelihoods. Also, we routinely accept donations of food, supplies, and toys that go directly to making the chimps happy and healthy. Learn more about Save the Chimps by visiting our website.