R U F U S ‘ S   G R O U P   I S   H O M E   I N   F L O R I D A

The Great Chimpanzee Migration has brought another group of wonderful chimps to their island home in Florida.

Rufus’s Group, a group of 25 chimpanzees, traveled across the country throughout June of 2006.

Early in the morning, on June 28, the last five chimpanzees from Rufus’s group, as well as a small group of four chimps we call Doug’s Group, arrived at the sanctuary.

All 25 chimps from Rufus’s Group were reunited and released to their island.

It was touching to see Rufus and Ted, who were born in Africa over 40 years ago, and who, after being captured as babies, spent their entire lives living alone in a small dark cell, step out of their cage and onto their three-acre, island in the sun.

These chimps can now spend the rest of their lives the way that they want to, without ever having to worry about being sent to another laboratory, again.

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