This past spring, two dear friends of chimpanzees passed away, Kelly Baade and Alan Calderwood.


Kelly decorating for a chimp party.





Kelly Baade, a former supervisor and chimpanzee caregiver for Save the Chimps, had worked with and cared for chimpanzees and monkeys for nearly ten years. In addition to her work at Save the Chimps in New Mexico and in Florida, Kelly also cared for monkeys at Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary in Oklahoma, and chimpanzees at Chimp Haven in Louisiana. A deeply compassionate woman, Kelly felt a powerful connection with chimpanzees, especially her beloved Bobby. She took great delight in seeing the chimps embrace their new lives after their years of confinement and loneliness. She was proud to play a role in the effort to give the chimps and monkeys under her care a brighter future. Kelly’s chimpanzee, monkey, kitty, and human friends and family suffered a great loss when Kelly passed away at her home in Louisiana following a brief illness. She is remembered fondly by those who knew her.

Volunteer Donna, Board Member Sarah Haney, Alan Cauldwell, & Tami Ryan 200
Alan, always a joy to be around, was often showing his support at various events & fundraisers.

Alan Calderwood, the husband of Save the Chimps’ board member Sarah Haney, was a kind and charming gentleman who shared his wife’s love for helping our fellow inhabitants of the earth, be it whales or dogs or chimpanzees. In fact, it was because of Alan that Sarah and he joined the Save the Chimps family. A frequent visitor to Fort Pierce, it was Alan who introduced Sarah to the Treasure Coast, and the couple soon became aware of Dr. Carole Noon and Save the Chimps. Alan supported Sarah’s work on behalf of Save the Chimps and always made himself available for events such as Member Day, Caregiver Society Day, and Chimps’ Kitchen. With his friendly demeanor, lovely Scottish accent, and delightful sense of humor, Alan was beloved by everyone who had the privilege to know him. Our world became less bright when Alan passed away unexpectedly, surrounded by his loved ones. He is deeply missed.

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To remember our friends, Save the Chimps planted a magnolia tree in honor of Alan, and a rose bush in honor of Kelly, as well as a dogwood in memory of Dr. Noon, and a mango tree in memory of our chimpanzee friend Dana. The daily sight of these trees and flowers, set in the earth along the shore near the original Air Force island, will keep their memory and spirit alive in our minds and hearts.

Rest in peace, Kelly and Alan. Thank you for everything you did for chimpanzees.