Dr. Noon


Please join us as we honor the anniversary of the passing of our late co-founder and the hundreds of chimpanzees who have found sanctuary at Save the Chimps. View her story »

Dr. Noon’s legacy continues to benefit the lives of our beloved chimpanzee residents. After initiating a lawsuit to gain custody of chimpanzees discarded by the US Air Force, Save the Chimps went on to rescue hundreds of chimpanzees from the Coulston Foundation, a notorious research laboratory in New Mexico. Dr. Noon’s tenacity in the face of nearly impossible odds, and her refusal to give up on chimpanzees in need continues to inspire us.

There are many ways to honor Dr. Carole Noon. Continue her legacy by becoming a member of the Sanctuary Society, making a donation in her honor, adopting a chimp, or becoming a member of Save the Chimps.

“All they need from us is a chance. If we meet them halfway, just give them space and freedom, then they recover on their own.”
Dr. Carole Noon

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photos by Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

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