Pumpkin, a member of Lou’s Group, was rescued from The Coulston Foundation, and has been living at

In honor of Halloween, Pumpkin is Save the Chimps’ newest adoptee!

STC’s Florida sanctuary for the past 5 years.  He is extremely handsome and has a kind and gentle soul.  Pumpkin loves basketballs (maybe because they are orange and round like pumpkins…?) and wading pools – and filling the wading pool with basketballs!  He’s a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which he loves to wash down with Gatorade!

Please consider adopting Pumpkin for you or a loved one as a special Halloween treat orclick here to send Pumpkin some of his favorite goodies!

Trick or Treat!
Here at Save the Chimps, Halloween is better known as “Chimp-oween” and the chimps love this holiday as much as anyone!  It’s one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, and the volunteers and caregivers make sure the chimps get lots of treats—no tricks!  The chimps get whole pumpkins, candy, and other festive goodies, and their islands are decorated with streamers and toys too – making it colorful and fun!
Visit our Wish List on Amazon.com to order treats for the chimps.

Have a Happy Halloween!