Terry’s Rescue




It’s been three weeks since Terry was rescued from the Las Vegas Zoo, and he has made some wonderful progress that we are very happy to share with all of Terry’s supporters who have followed his journey.


Terry’s made his first friend here at Save the Chimps, and this video shows him interacting with a female named Indie. A very laid-back, quiet, friendly chimpanzee, Indie wasn’t troubled when Terry ignored her. In fact, she pretty much lost interest in him. Ironically, this is exactly what Terry needed.


Since Indie wasn’t bothering to even attempt to interact with Terry, he had the opportunity to observe her without feeling threatened in any way. Over the next few days, he became more and more curious about her, even following her from room to room in the Special Needs building. Then, a little over a week after they met, there was an enormous breakthrough.


Terry let Indie groom him!


This is a huge, momentous, never-to-be-forgotten event because to our knowledge, this was the first time Terry had been touched by another chimpanzee in eighteen years.
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We expect that it will take several months for Terry to learn how to “speak chimpanzee” and learn the ins and outs of chimpanzee society, but we are cautiously optimistic that he will one day be a happy member of a social group. Like Indie, our caregivers and staff will be patient, and we will continue to give Terry all he needs to do well here at Save the Chimps. But we need your help – Please make your most caring donation to Save the Chimps now.


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To make a donation by mail, you can send a check payable to Save the Chimps to:
PO Box 12220, Fort Pierce, FL, 34979