Support Save the Chimps by leaving real estate to us in your will or by using real estate to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust naming Save the Chimps as beneficiary.

These gifts will support our mission to provide lifelong refuge and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need.

How to do this gift

  • Real estate to be sold after your lifetime, with the proceeds supporting our mission.
  • Leave a gift of real estate to Save the Chimps through your will or trust, instruct your executor/trustee to sell the property and donate the proceeds to Save the Chimps.
  • Your estate will receive a tax deduction for the value of the land as sold. This includes vacant land, residential and commercial properties.

Please use the following suggested language in your Will or Living Trust:

I instruct my executor to sell the property owned by me and located at [address/description of property, lot number, etc.]. The net proceeds from this sale should be donated to Save the Chimps, Inc., a nonprofit corporation (federal tax ID: 65-0789748) with a principal business address of PO Box 12220, Fort Pierce, FL 34979.

Real Estate to be sold during your lifetime.

Meet with an estate attorney to establish a Charitable Remainder Unitrust using your real estate as the trust asset.  You will receive income for life/term of years, save on capital gains tax from the sale of the real estate.

Name Save the Chimps as the trust remainder beneficiary and we will receive your gift after the term of the trust.


Notify Us!

Notifying Save the Chimps of your intended gift will help us plan for the future care of chimpanzees in need.

Click below to complete a Legacy Confirmation Form.

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Send signed form via email to:
Melissa Gibbons
Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations


Post Mail to:
Save the Chimps
PO Box 12220
Fort Pierce, FL 34979