We look forward to welcoming the Sunrise Seven to our sanctuary this year. Prior to committing to the lifelong care of these seven special chimpanzees, our Director of Chimpanzee Behavior and Care, Dr. Andrew Halloran, visited them at the Wildlife Waystation for observations. The main goal in these observations was to determine if Save the Chimps was the best place for them, with our large family groups and expansive 3-5 acre islands.

He spent several days observing their behaviors, watch this video as he shares his observations with you.

We look forward to giving these chimpanzees quality care, engaging enrichment, individualized medical care, freedom of choice, and expansive island homes where they will be able to see the sky without the interruption of caging, find a quiet corner to relax, and climb to their heart’s content.

Rescues like this and our commitment to lifelong care are made possible by donors like you. Donate now in honor of the Sunrise Seven. Your gift will be matched, providing twice the impact in their future care.

We look forward to sharing with you their progress and lives in sanctuary.

P.S. We have until June 30th (just two days!) to secure the full match amount of $300,000 and have just $17,556 to go. Won’t you help us reach our goal?