No Trouble in Paradise!

The ten new arrivals to Save the Chimps in Florida are making themselves right at home, and have adapted so quickly to their new live. It’s as if they’ve been here forever!

Bubba, Carmen, and Gail are roaming all over their new island home. Carmen can’t quite keep up with Bubba and Gail, but they always stop and wait patiently for her to catch up. Bubba, in particular, is exploring every nook and cranny and is often seen running at full speed from one place to the next!

Not only are the three of them enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of their new island, they are enjoying the flavor too! Just today they were seen munching on a palm frond. They found it so delicious, they pulled a branch off the palm to bring indoors with them at lunch!

Bobby, Fergus, Normand, Garrey, Polly, Angelica, and Chandra were reunited with their family members who arrived in Florida in December and January. There were hugs all around! Every single one of the new arrivals has been to the far reaches of their island.

Bobby is finding island life to be very soothing, and is often found relaxing in the sun without a care in the world.

The chimps are also getting to know the neighbors! Yesterday, Bobby, Fergus, and Normand were seen talking with Sonny and baby Gabe, who live on the next island over. All of them were peering over the cattails and saying hello to each other from across the water!

Thanks to the generosity, love and support from our donors, Save the Chimps is able to provide its 276 chimpanzee residents with the peaceful retirement they deserve.

There are only 89 chimps still left in New Mexico…

85 are still in need of sponsorship.

Please consider sponsoring a migration and help us reach our goal of getting everyone to their island home by 2011.

We can’t do this without you.  

Every dollar helps and each donation will be doubled thanks to the generosity of
the Arcus Foundation.

On behalf of everyone at STC, thank you for being a part of the magic.