indieThank you to all of our amazing supporters who participated in Great Apes Giving Day 2016!

Not only did we reach our goal of $48,000, we surpassed it! Thanks to you, we raised enough funds to provide one year of complete care for three of our beloved chimpanzee residents!

Save the Chimps raised $51,269 from 551 donors! And as a result, we will be awarded cash prizes for our rankings in most dollars raised, most dollars raised from an individual fundraiser, and most unique number of donors! We also received six golden tickets which means an additional $600!

Thank you for spreading the word, sharing our social media posts, and forwarding our emails to your friends. Thank you for your comments, your enthusiasm, and your gifts. It all made a difference, and it’s because of you that Great Apes Giving Day was a tremendous success.

We are incredibly grateful and humbled by your dedication and generosity. We care for more than 250 amazing chimpanzees, and it’s because of you that we are able to provide them with the happy and peaceful lives they deserve. Our late founder, Dr. Carole Noon, always said, “Chimpanzees, they are amazing people” – and so are our donors. Thank you for making our work possible and for being an inspiration to us all.

Thank you to the event sponsors of Great Apes Giving Day for making all of this possible and for making the world a better place for great apes. We are honored to be a part of this incredible community of sanctuaries caring for great apes. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

With gratitude,

Your friends at Save the Chimps

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