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Gift Adoption

You can choose to symbolically adopt one of the loving moms that live at Save the Chimps.

April Scarlett Jennifer
April Scarlett Jennifer
A wise, motherly, outdoorsy chimpanzee. April, a former pet, is a loving and patient adoptive mom to Melody. An independent, expressive, and sassy chimp. Scarlett, a former research subject, is the mother of two. Sadly, her two infants were taken from her at birth. A serene, gentle, and devoted chimpanzee. Jennifer, one of the original 21 Air Force chimps, had 13 babies in seventeen years.


Donate in Her Honor

Your honoree will even receive a special Mother’s Day certificate!
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Shop for Mom

Purchase any one of the many items in our gift shop. Choose from t-shirts, note cards, or the most unique gift of all, original chimpanzee art!

T-shirts for chimp lovers in a variety of styles

Beautiful collection of six blank notecards each featuring one of the amazing residents at STC. One-of-a-kind chimp art created by residents of Save the Chimps.


 Chimpanzee Portraits

Honor mom with a portrait of our chimpanzee residents by artist Nathaniel Gold. An original of our newest resident Iris is available in addition to ready-to-hang prints on wood of Iris, Jaybee, Garfield, Scarlett, Elway, and Terry.

Scarlett800 IrisbyNGold800 Terry250
Iris Terry



The relationship between a mother chimp and her child is the most important of all chimpanzee relationships. Like human infants, newborn chimpanzees are entirely dependent on their mothers for warmth, protection, transportation, and nourishment. In their natural habitat, chimpanzees nurse for 5 years. During this time, mothers teach them what to eat, what to avoid, and how to interact socially. Even after a chimp is grown, he will often return to his mother for comfort or emotional support.

Your support helps provide care for the more than 250 chimpanzees in our care.

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