Meet our Newest Adoptee

The Beautiful Kiley




In honor of Kiley’s birthday this week she has been added to the list of chimps available for adoption. Kiley is very friendly, outgoing, and kind to both chimps and humans. It didn’t take long for everyone at Save the Chimps to fall in love with her and we know you are going to fall in love with her too!

As an adoptive parent, you’ll receive adoption papers including a certificate of adoption, a biography, an annual update, and a photo of your chimpanzee.

When you adopt a chimp, your donation helps pay for many of your chimp’s needs. You’ll be helping provide the three fresh meals of fruits and vegetables your chimpanzee receives daily, loving care from our staff, maintenance of the gorgeous island your chimp lives on, not to mention plenty of toys and activities!

Adopting a chimp is a unique and meaningful gift for a birthday, holiday, or other occasion.

Adopt Kiley today for yourself or someone you love!