Find someone who loves you like Tootie loves Lisa Marie! These two lovebirds have continued to warm our hearts, since they were introduced last year, with their embraces, cuddling, grooming and most of all, their ridiculously cute and rambunctious play sessions. Just watch for yourself!

Adopt the Couple for your Valentine!

Now as a Chimpentine’s Day special, when you symbolically adopt Lisa Marie, in addition to the photo, bio, certificate, and update of Lisa Marie, we will include a photo and bio of her sweetheart, Tootie. Adopt the couple in honor of a loved one to let them know just how much you care this Valentine’s Day, all while supporting the life in sanctuary that Tootie and Lisa Marie deserve!

Make a Donation in Your Sweetheart’s Honor

Donate in honor of a special someone to let them know that you love them like Tootie loves Lisa Marie!