As we get to know the Sunrise Seven ourselves, we’d like to share their unique stories and personalities with you. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Jacob.

In his younger days, Jacob was forced into the entertainment industry before residing at the Wildlife Waystation in southern California. He, along with six other chimpanzees, arrived to Save the Chimps from the Waystation recently and settled in quickly to their new home.

Upon arrival, Jacob didn’t hesitate to explore his indoor bedrooms and tunnel over to the expansive play yard attached. He spends most of his time soaking up the sun on the upper level of the play yard but will be the first to climb down if a staff member is visiting. His friendly persona and endearing desire to play have captured all of our hearts.

Jacob lives with his best friend Cayleb, though in the future our goal is to gradually introduce them into a larger family group. At that point, they will have the companionship of a large chimpanzee family and 3-acre island, giving them the freedom to choose how they’d like to spend their days.

Ways to Support Jacob

Watch Jacob and Tonka Play Chase