Meet Emily, the eldest resident of Save the Chimps at the estimated age of 59. Emily was born in the wild, only briefly experiencing the life a chimpanzee should have before being captured and sent to the United States. Unfortunately, her life took a stark turn when she arrived at The Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research laboratory, and became part of various studies, including eye refraction and classified drug evaluations.

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At just seven years old, Emily entered the breeding program. After multiple stillbirths, she eventually gave birth to two sons. Despite her deep bonds with her sons, Dwight and Ragan, they were taken away to be raised by humans, depriving Emily of the chance to nurture her own offspring.

In 2001, Save the Chimps rescued Emily as part of the Air Force Group, the first chimpanzees to be saved by STC. Despite never having the opportunity to raise her own children, Emily found a new role in her later years as an adoptive grandmother to Angie, JB, and Jude—chimpanzees born at STC due to failed vasectomies in their father, Garfield. Despite Angie now being an adult, Angie and Emily remain closely bonded to this day.

Emily lives among her chimpanzee family, including fellow Air Force veterans, on Doug’s island. Her resilience, dignity, and grace are evident, commanding admiration from all who know her story. Witnessing the profound bond she shares with her family is both a privilege and a testament to the love she radiates, making her retirement a beautiful and dignified chapter in her life.

Your support can continue to make a difference in Emily’s life and the lives of other chimps at Save the Chimps. Your donation helps provide care, sanctuary, and a chance for chimps like Emily to live out their days with dignity and love.