Debbie was captured in Africa in the 1960s and shipped to the United States for biomedical research. In 2002, she was among the 266 chimpanzees rescued by Save the Chimps from the Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research facility with numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Now in her golden years, Debbie enjoys her retirement at Save the Chimps, where she can explore her island home, dote on Jude, and build a nest of soft blankets where she likes to relax with her favorite toy – a stuffed monkey puppet. Take a look at this video to see what some of her devoted caregivers, Skye, Sarah, and Rebecca, had to say about her.

It brings us joy to see sweet Debbie living her golden years to their fullest, on a sunny island with his family (and her stuffed monkey puppet) by her side. 

On behalf of the more than 220 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.