Brandon Wood

You Don’t Need To Be BIG To Make a BIG Difference for Chimpanzees

Humans and chimps have a lot in common. Brandon Wood discovered just how much when he was only nine years old. That was when he heard about a chimp named Elway. Elway was also about nine years old, and like Brandon, he was missing his father.

Elway had been rescued by Save the Chimps and was enjoying life at the sanctuary, but his father, Boy, had not yet been able to make the migration from New Mexico.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s father was serving in Afghanistan. While Brandon was powerless to bring his own father home, he knew he could do something for Elway – or at least he could try. Brandon set to work raising the funds to bring Boy to Save the Chimps in 2010. Brandon also made an Adopt-A-Chimp contribution to “adopt” Elway. Now 14 years old, Brandon still loves Elway and continues to speak out against cruelty to chimpanzees.

Elway is shown below.


Like Brandon, YOU Can “Adopt-A-Chimp”

It costs $16,000 per year to care for a chimp at Save the Chimps. By symbolically adopting a chimp, your donation of $300 (or $25 a month) will provide one week of care for your adopted chimp! To make it “official” you’ll receive an adoption packet including a certificate, biography, update, and a beautiful portrait suitable for framing. To adopt a chimp, visit our adoption page.