March Madness

March Madness Wish List Challenge:
Basketballs & Soy Protein Mix

Cody with basketball

Who says March Madness is only on the court?

Basketballs are just one of the many enrichment items we give to the chimps. Cody, Pumpkin, and Ryan especially enjoy playing with them!

Soy protein mix is another item that we use regularly at the Sanctuary. Soy protein shakes are used for chimpanzees requiring extra nutrition when they lose their appetites when they are feeling ill.

Help us collect basketballs and a year’s supply of soy protein mix.

Order through our Amazon Wishlist and items will ship directly to us. You can also shop locally or collect second-hand basketballs (or soccer balls) and ship them to:

Save the Chimps
16891 Carole Noon Lane
Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Thank you for enriching the lives of our more than 250 chimpanzee residents.

Chimpanzees and humans share so much of the same anatomy, so why are chimps 2-4 times stronger than us?

It is true that chimps have slightly larger muscles and they attach a little differently but the real reason appears to be in how the nerves stimulate the muscles. Humans have evolved finer motor control for triggering smaller muscle fiber groups. This allows humans to do such things as play a violin or thread a needle.

Chimps have less control over how much of their muscles fire at once – triggering something like an all-or-nothing response, and that allows them to better do things like climb trees and defend their territory!