In the wild, chimpanzees naturally seek out shade under the trees. These shady spots are places of comfort, rest and social interaction.

Here at our Sanctuary, we’re building new shade structures as part of our Enrichment Program. You can help the chimps “beat the heat” and find enrichment by donating to our Summer Matching Gift Challenge!

Your summer gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar helping create twice the shade, twice the comfort and twice the enrichment. Please donate today!

Our Board of Directors is providing a $55,000 match to double all gifts made by August 31. Now is the perfect time to help enrich the lives of our beloved chimpanzee residents.

Funds from the Summer Matching Gift Challenge will be dedicated to providing unique enrichment items that challenge, engage, entertain and stimulate our chimpanzee residents.

Shade structures are just one important part of the enrichment program. The chimps LOVE them! The structures provide added space to climb, relax, and socialize … all while enjoying a break from the sun, just as chimps do in the wild.

We’re making progress toward our $55,000 Summer Matching Gift Challenge but we aren’t there yet. We need YOUR help!

Please donate today, knowing your summer gift will be doubled, but only for gifts made by August 31!

Your support enriches the lives of our beloved chimpanzee residents. Thank you for making our work possible.