Our residents live in large, dynamic family groups with the freedom to choose who they would like to spend their days. They form bonds, friendships, and have the opportunity to experience love and companionship – all natural to chimpanzees. Rebecca and Salina live in a large family group and although they don’t interact often, they were recently spotted sharing this sweet kiss. It just goes to show that love shows no bounds!

 Share the Love….

Gift a Symbolic Rose – $25: Share the love by gifting a symbolic rose to a chimpanzee! Donors will be emailed e-card options prior to Valentine’s Day to present to their loved one. Our residents love receiving, smelling, and even eating roses!




“Piñata” Your Name on It – $75: Put any name on a piñata to be included as an enrichment activity at our Chimpentine party. Choose your sweetheart’s name or put an ex’s name – and let the chimps break their heart! Receive an exclusive link to photos after the parties, including a photo of your piñata. Limited quantities available.




The Sweetest Thing – $150: A unique virtual date! Gift your sweetheart a virtual trip to Save the Chimps. Join Dr. Andrew Halloran in a virtual Q&A on February 19th* to discuss chimpanzee love, relationships, and more. You’ll also enjoy a private live stream from the islands to see the chimps! Only 11 spots remaining. *Date subject to change.


There’s something for everyone, but these packages are limited! Happy gifting!