Happy Father's DayMaybe he taught you how to throw a ball. Maybe he was always there for you when you were down.

Or maybe he had hairy arms and liked leaning back, cracking open a banana and chilling out on a summer’s day.

Whatever you love about him, let him know that this Father’s Day it’s all about Dad.

Show Dad you love him with a gift to Save the Chimps!

Fathers are our teachers, heroes and role models. That’s why we’ve created this very special way for you to honor a father, grandfather, uncle, husband or other “Dad” in your life this Father’s Day—by donating to Save the Chimps.

When you do, we’ll send a heart-warming Father’s Day Certificate so Dad will know about the gift you’ve made in his honor.

Our chimps don’t just need food, healthy space, fresh air and medical care. Many also need guidance in the ways of “being a chimp.”

That’s because chimpanzees that have lived their whole lives in captivity have missed out on normal family life and socializing. But with time, patience, and the guidance of a friend or adoptive “father figure,” many a chimpanzee has opened up, made friends and found a family right here!

You are a part of their family, too. That’s why we hope you’ll make a Father’s Day gift today. You’ll show Dad you love him—and remind him that he taught you to open your heart to all creatures great and small!

Dad doesn’t need another tie or wallet—he needs a hug, he needs a laugh, and he needs to know how much you care. Honor him with a Father’s Day gift to Save the Chimps now, and we’ll send him a handsome Certificate—but hurry, donations made by June 9 will have certificates mailed in time for Father’s Day! For donations made after June 9, please provide an email address and the certificates will be emailed to your honoree.