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How many times have you been on Facebook and read posts or saw organizations that your friends support and thought to yourself “I didn’t even know this was being done?”
How many of you found out about Save the Chimps while reading your friend’s wall?  This is proof that we’re continually learning about things that otherwise, we would never have known about, simply by reading about them on Facebook.

Facebook has brought us in touch with family, long-lost childhood friends, co-workers and in general broadened our network.

We’re asking you to help Save the Chimps spread the word about the work we do.  You know your friends and family best – tell them why you “like” Save the Chimps and what it means to you!

Our goal is to get 15,000 “likes.”  We’re at nearly 6,300!

You have always been great supporters and we’re asking for your help to reach this milestone.

If you’re not on Facebook or haven’t visited our page, you’ll see that our page will always be the place where you can find up-to-the-minute updates on the chimpanzees in our care.  We love sharing photos, videos and stories of the chimps – almost as much as you like reading them!  We will always continue with e-mail updates and posts on our website – but if you want current news – you’ll find it on our Facebook page.

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You have always responded to our Facebook posts requesting monetary donations or even food and in-kind items, will you support us now?  Will you help us spread the word?  The more that people know about the plight of chimpanzees, the more that can be done to protect and ensure their survival and well-being.

It takes but a moment to “like” us, but the impact is immeasurable!