Sunday is National Banana Lovers Day. It’s a very special day for all of us at Save the Chimps, because, as you know, resident chimpanzees like Noah LOVE bananas! 1300 bananas are eaten daily at the Sanctuary!

And what better way to celebrate than by doing something extra special for these extra special chimps?

Sponsor a banana extravaganza today with a gift of $10, $20, $50 or more and your gift will help us exceed the August Match Goal! This will place the Sanctuary in an even better position to meet the enrichment and nutritional needs of resident chimps like Noah.

Your gift will help provide whole bananas, frozen bananas, and an extra special treat on Banana Lovers Day…banana muffins!

Sponsor a banana extravaganza knowing your gift will have twice the impact at the Sanctuary.

We need your help to provide resident chimps with the nutrition they need and exceed the August Match Goal. Your most appreciated gift today will help supply one of Noah’s favorites—bananas!


GO BANANAS! Your Gift Doubles the Difference You Make for Chimpanzees!