If a door opens, run through it.
If the sun is shining, bask in it.
Spending time licking peanut butter is time well spent.
If your family yells at you, yell back.
Or tickle them.
Or tell on them.
Or run to another part of the island and ignore them.
Fresh fruit, especially the drippy kind, is awesome on a sunny day.
Bubbles are fun.
Family drama can be hilarious.
Sleep with as many blankets as you can find (or steal).
If someone scratches your back, in a loving way, do it back. And often.
Climbing is fun.
Running is funner.
If you have a booboo, point it out to someone.
If you are feeling anxious, ask for reassurance.
The weather comes and goes.
Sometimes it’s wet.
Showing off how strong you are is important.
Good friends are an essential part of life, hug them often.
Kiss nice people.
Taking medicine sucks, but Hawaiian punch Kool-Aid helps.
Napping is a sport, take it seriously.
Cuddling soft things makes you feel warm.
Meal time is the best time of all times of the day.
When you don’t like someone, throw poop. Or spit.
Life is precious, enjoy every moment.

If you agree with any of the above, and want to preserve our resident chimpanzees way of life, join us today, and make the Difference!