We are pleased to announce the addition of four very sweet chimpanzees to our Save the Chimps family. Please join us in welcoming April, Anna, Cash, and Lucy!

We were granted custody by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and welcomed the newcomers on Wednesday.

They made their way from Ohio to Florida in a caravan staffed by sanctuary workers. The four, ranging in age from 13-26, had been confined indoors and are adjusting well to their large outdoor enclosures, where they will remain in quarantine for two months. Save the Chimps’ Director of Chimpanzee Behavior and Care, Dr. Andrew Halloran, met the chimps in Ohio to assess how well they would integrate into one of the sanctuary’s twelve chimp islands.

“These are extremely intelligent chimpanzees who deserve the chance to explore a larger world,” says Halloran. “We look forward to seeing them thrive on a vast island habitat with 15-20 new lifelong companions, with the freedom to choose where they want to be and who they want to be with.” The sprawling sanctuary provides residents with sophisticated vet care, nutritious meals, and a variety of social and cognitive enrichment.

Upon arrival, the four rejoiced in hugs and grooming sessions and did not hesitate to greet sanctuary staff and explore their outdoor play yard.



In honor of our newest residents, an anonymous supporter has pledged a $350,000 match! All gifts through July 31st will be matched, giving your gift twice the impact

Thank you for supporting Save the Chimps and
making rescues like these possible!