January Chimp Champ






“I visited the Save the Chimps sanctuary last spring and I have “adopted” a chimp named Pumpkin, who loves to play with a basketball, squirt water from his mouth, and eat lots of peanut butter (like me)!”

A loud pant hoot thank you goes out to this months chimp champ , Jacqueline, for her generosity and compassion for the chimps.  Rather than request  toys, clothes and gift cards for her birthday, she asked that all gifts be made to Save the Chimps.  But Jacqueline not only wanted people to donate to the chimps,she wanted them to learn more about them and requested her own private giving page on our website that she could direct people to in hopes that they would then learn more about our work.   We had never created this before and learned it was a very easy thing to.

In just a few short weeks, Jacqueline’s page raised over $4,000!!!

Thank you to everyone who donated on behalf of Jacqueline. 

Thank you Jacqueline for your generosity and for teaching us something new!
You are an inspiration!

If you would like to learn more how you can have your own private donation giving page on our website, please contact development@savethechimps.org