Video courtesy of PETA

A picture may be worth a thousand words but this video says more than words can.

Take a moment to enjoy this heartwarming video of Iris, our newest resident at Save the Chimps, as she meets Abdul. He immediately wins her heart!

Iris spent years living alone so you can imagine how thrilling it is for her to be at Save the Chimps making friends with other chimpanzees!

We’re incredibly thankful to our friends at PETA for making Iris’s rescue possible, and for all the amazing work they do to help our fellow beings.

And we are thankful to you for supporting Save the Chimps and helping us fulfill our mission. Every gift helps provide food, medical care, and so much more to our more than 250 chimpanzees.

A rescue isn’t an end, but a beginning. We’ve made a promise to our chimpanzees to care for them for a lifetime, and for that we are grateful to the support of friends like you. Thank you!


Since 2001, Save the Chimps has rescued 319 chimpanzees.