When tropical storms and hurricanes threaten Florida, many supporters minds turn to concern for our beloved chimpanzee residents. Save the Chimps is located near the east coast of Florida, and needed to be built with hurricanes in mind. The chimps’ indoor living areas are built of concrete and steel, to withstand hurricanes. Our residents normally have a choice on if they’d like t spend time inside or outside but when a hurricane threatens, the chimps are all locked indoors with extra blankets, nesting material, and enrichment. Extra food, water, and other supplies are stocked in case of delivery shortages after the storm. Staff members remain onsite for the duration of the storm to provide care to our residents. We have been through several hurricanes so far, resulting in only minor damage. The chimps were not bothered by the storms at all!

The most impactful way to support storm preparation and chimpanzee care, is to make an online donation. Funds can be put to work in the most-needed areas of our residents’ care.

Donate toward enrichment and care for our chimpanzee residents. On behalf of the more than 220 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.