Hurricane Matthew is making its way to Florida and the team at Save the Chimps is working tirelessly to prepare for its arrival.

Windows are being boarded, items are being secured, additional deliveries of food have arrived, and the chimpanzees are being secured indoors in preparation of the storm. Generators are on hand, including one for our water treatment plant, which provides fresh drinking water to all of the chimpanzee buildings.


When designing the Sanctuary, we knew hurricane evacuation would not be an option. Therefore, the chimpanzees’ spacious indoor enclosures were built to endure the strength of hurricanes with their reinforced concrete and steel design. Normally, the chimpanzees are able to choose whether they would like to be indoors or out, but during a hurricane, they are secured indoors. Thankfully, the chimpanzees are always eager to come inside during severe weather! We provide them with extra blankets and enrichment, and assigned staff will be on property in order to continuously provide the chimps with all the care they need. Extra supplies such as medications, water, food, and enrichment will also be stored in each of the chimpanzee buildings.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the storm’s impact. If you’d like to help replenish our supplies, you can visit our Wish List today and in the days following the storm.

Thank you for your concern and your support for our beloved chimpanzee residents.

Your friends at Save the Chimps