As Hurricane Matthew made its way to Florida, the team at Save the Chimps worked tirelessly to prepare for its arrival. Windows were boarded, items were secured, additional deliveries of food were ordered, and the chimpanzees were secured indoors in preparation of the storm.

Twelve staff members remained on-site for the duration of the storm to provide all essential care for the chimpanzees and monitor the Sanctuary. Once the storm passed, we did full inspections on each of the chimps’ islands. Fortunately, we sustained no significant damage, however we were without power for five days and incurred an additional $7,100 in storm-related expenses.

The chimps were thrilled to explore their wet and wind-swept islands after the storm had passed! Larry, pictured above, was just one of the many chimpanzees enjoying the outdoors.

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Thank you to all of our amazing supporters for you concern for the chimpanzees and staff at the Sanctuary.

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Sometimes pictures tell the story the best, so we hope you enjoy the following: