It is difficult to believe, but it has been 10 years since the passing of Dr. Carole Noon, co-founder of Save the Chimps. Not a day goes by at the sanctuary without remembering her legacy and the dream she brought to reality here in Florida.

Today we’re announcing a new way to honor our co-founder, Dr. Carole Noon, and her legacy of caring for retired chimpanzees. We have built a NEW Tribute Patio at Dr. Noon’s former sanctuary home and will be providing a number of ways to share your passion for supporting our chimpanzee residents.

Since our founding, Save the Chimps has retired 333 chimpanzees to sanctuary with the dignity that they deserve, thanks to the support of people like you. A brick in memory of each one of our amazing residents who have passed has a place on the new patio. When you visit our special memorial page today, you can give $100 in memory of one or more of these special souls.

This is the very first chance to contribute to this new Tribute Patio, so let’s make a little history together as we remember Dr. Noon and the chimpanzees who called Save the Chimps home.

Longtime friends remember well Dr. Noon and her dream of creating a home for chimpanzees retired to sanctuary from a variety of unsuitable living conditions, including the original 21 chimps who came from the the Air Force’s space program.

Today, that dream lives on at Save the Chimps. It’s been 10 years since we lost Dr. Noon, and we’ve built this new brick patio to remember her, as well as the chimps she (and we) loved.

The area containing the chimp memorial bricks is closest to Air Force Island, viewed from the house she made her home at the sanctuary. It was a special place for Dr. Noon, and it’s often the starting or stopping place on sanctuary tours. It’s a beautiful, quiet, contemplative place, and the brick you dedicate will help form the foundation on which Dr. Noon’s legacy, and yours, will live on.

Thank you for your strong support of Save the Chimps. You have been part of our history of service to the chimpanzees who call our sanctuary home. Today we urge you to help secure our future — and the future of our chimps — by making a donation in honor of a tribute brick for our new patio.