Match Grant Challenge

Help Us Reach Our Goal!!

We’re almost halfway there and need your help.

An anonymous donor has generously provided Save the Chimps with a $60,000 matching grant this month. We’ve already raised $20,000 but still have a way to go.

These funds will make an incredible difference in the lives of more than 250 amazing chimpanzees residing at the Sanctuary.

Lisa Marie, our newest resident, will continue to make new friends.

Henrietta can spend her days nurturing her baby doll and be the mom she never had a chance to be.

Cody can play “chase” with his caregivers as they drive by his island home.

Casey can snuggle in a big bundle of many as he wants!

Your support helps provide the chimps with everything they need to be comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Please donate today and know that your gift will be doubled, providing twice as much.

donate today

We only have until December 31 to raise the full match amount, so please donate any amount you can to help now.

With gratitude,

Molly Polidoroff Molly Polidoroff
Executive Director

P.S. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible and directly benefits the more than 250 chimpanzees residing at Save the Chimps. Click here to make your secure online donatio