As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for friends and family. In thanks for your support, we would like to share this heartwarming update about Nigida with you.

We’re very thankful that we can surround the chimps with caring and supportive family communities. That’s what we’re doing right now for Nigida…

Nigida is a great guy with a great big smile. He has been a member of our Special Needs Play yards because after spending his early life in a laboratory, he sometimes has difficulty making connections with his fellow chimpanzees. He really loves human attention, but we know we can never fully take the place of the chimpanzee bonds he craves.

So right now we’re easing him into Doug’s family group. He’s already met Rebel, who is always very welcoming and kind to newcomers. He’s been a big comfort to him. With Rebel by his side, Nigida also met Kippy, and the three of them explored the island together.

We’re watching the group dynamics carefully, but right now we’re hopeful Nigida will continue to fit right in … and have a family at last.

That’s something to be thankful for! At Save the Chimps, we really are thankful for our friends and supporters who make stories like this possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!