Today is National Banana Lovers Day! And since chimpanzees are definitely banana lovers, it’s a great day to support Save the Chimps.

Please make your gift today to help provide a whole month’s worth of ripe, tasty bananas for the chimps to enjoy.

You may like to start your day with a banana. Well, the chimpanzees in our care eat a daily average of nearly three bananas each.

They love them! And the bananas provide important nutrients they need.

So we set a goal of raising $7,000 by this Friday, August 31st. That’s enough money to pay for 279 cases (enough for a month). We’re still $2,800 away from our goal and we’re hoping you will help!

Please celebrate National Banana Lovers Day by making a gift today.

Here’s a fun fact about bananas: What we call the top of the banana is really the bottom. Chimps know that, and they peel them from the opposite end most humans do.

But whether you peel your bananas from the top or bottom, you can help our chimpanzee residents today by making sure they get all the bananas and other healthy foods they need to thrive.

Please help the chimpanzees “go bananas” for National Banana Lovers Day. Thanks for supporting our mission and all your generous support!

Today is National Banana Lovers Day, so it’s the perfect time to show you care.