To help reach the sanctuary’s auction goal and bring you more great gift options, we’ve added new items!

If you’ve been waiting to bid, please don’t wait any longer. The auction ends this Sunday, November 18th. Happy bidding!

Chimp Art
Twelve new paintings by our beloved chimpanzee residents have been added to the auction. All chimp art includes a photo and bio of the artist and makes a fun and unique holiday gift. Be the first to bid on one of these beautiful paintings!
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Gift Ideas
New gift ideas have been added to the auction including Save the Chimps merchandise, skincare and beauty products, park-hopper tickets to Walt Disney World, and more!
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In addition to the framed photos in the auction, there is now a set of unframed photos available featuring residents Little Rock, Pepsi, Lil’ Connor, and Andres.
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Collaborative Primate Art
A new collaborative painting has been added to the auction! This portrait of Clay is by human artist Nathaniel Gold and chimpanzee artist Lisa Marie.  It is one of two collaborative art pieces available by Nathaniel Gold and our chimpanzee residents.
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Remember. . . bidding ends this Sunday, November 18th at 9pm EST*

*Items that receive bids in the last ten minutes of the auction will enter into Bid Wars and remain open until they have not been bid on for ten minutes.