The most important gift we were able to give our chimpanzee residents was each other. Chimpanzees are highly social with strong family bonds and enjoy a sense of belonging to a group. In these relationships they are able to comfort each other, play, laugh, and groom – all natural behaviors for chimpanzees. The majority of our residents live in large family groups on twelve separate 3-acre islands. Chimpanzees who are unable to live in these large groups, due to social or medical reasons, live in smaller family groups in our special needs play yards. View the slideshow below to get to know our chimpanzee families.

We are so grateful to our members, without whom we could not provide quality care for our beloved chimpanzee residents. Member support ensures fresh and nutritious meals, individualized veterinary care, innovative enrichment, and the social companionship necessary for the chimps to live full and happy lives. Thank you!

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