For so many of us, we are entering our sixth week of lockdown. With limited interaction, a much smaller and more digital social circle.

For those working on the frontline, it’s been six weeks of longer hours with more and more PPE to wear.

But, the work they’ve done, it’s kept our families and our vulnerable chimpanzees safe during a very unsafe time.

And this week we’ve chosen to say thank you to our frontline care staff — for working so hard, for taking such great care of our resident chimpanzees and for keeping them safe.

This week we’ve been highlighting just some of our amazing frontline staff — there are too many to highlight one by one. But you can give them a collective shout out by sending them a note of encouragement and thanks here. Send a note of your own and we will make sure to tag them all so they can see and feel the appreciation we all have for all they have done.

And if you haven’t had the chance to participate in our Board Match Challenge, we still have a long way to go, and every gift given will be doubled.

If you have not yet given or would like to give more toward our $210,000 goal, any amount you give today, will be doubled, for twice the support at this critical time. And, if you can’t give now, we understand, it’s a difficult time for so many, but you can still participate by signing a pledge for World Chimpanzee Day (we won’t collect any gift information until July 14th).