When Save the Chimps took over the Coulston Foundation in 2002, it was the single largest rescue of chimpanzees in captivity. From the moment Dr. Noon and Jon Stryker received the keys to that terrible facility, the lives of those chimpanzees changed dramatically. They were immediately given improved food and blankets, and their cages were cleaned and improved. Knowing it would take time to prepare the sanctuary and transfer them from New Mexico to Florida, Save the Chimps immediately expanded their cages—allowing many chimpanzees to see outside for the first time in their lives.

Now each and every one of those chimpanzees lives on a beautiful large island, surrounded by a loving family. But their journey took a long time, and it was done in increments. First their care was improved, then their cages expanded. Next, they were introduced to each other, then moved to Florida and finally released. It was a journey that took over ten years.

The truth is, we don’t know what our next year looks like. We know it will be different for all of us. We know that we will all have to take extra precautions and find ways of navigating our world in ways that are more careful. And just like you and your family, we are nervous about the year ahead—how long we will be under strict quarantine?

That’s why our Board of Directors has boldly committed to the future of the sanctuary with the launch of the largest ever Board Challenge to date: $210,000.

So far, over one hundred chimp-lovers like you have given to our Board Match Challenge to help us double our fundraising during this critical time! But we need you to keep the momentum going!

Of course, we’re grateful to all who have already given. But we have a big journey ahead of us over the next few weeks …

You see, our generous Board Members have promised $210,000 in matching funds but to receive the full amount we first have to raise $210,000 by May 15th from caring people like you. That’s where the challenge comes in! We need your help now …

Please make double the difference by making your gift now.

If—and only if—we can raise the $210,000 and match those dollars with the funds from our Board, we’ll have raised $420,000 that we can use to provide daily care for our resident chimpanzees. And believe me, those funds are urgently needed.

17 percent of our chimp population is elderly, and extra vulnerable—in need of specialized medical and dietary care. Several of our residents have PTSD and behavioral challenges, due to their past treatment, and are in need of sensitive and professional care plans to help them heal. Your gift will enable us to take every precaution and provide excellent care in this challenging time.

In fact, today your gift will be matched dollar for dollar to make double the difference for the chimpanzees in our care:

Help us continue to protect our resident chimpanzees by giving today. Only gifts and pledges made by May 15th will be matched, you can make a real difference in the lives of our residents, won’t you please give now?