Have you seen all the fun categories in our All Things Chimp online auction? You have the chance to bid on life-changing experiences, one-of-a-kind art, and unique gift ideas in the six categories described below. At the same time you support our nearly 250 chimpanzee residents.

If you’ve been waiting to bid, please don’t wait any longer. The auction ends tomorrow, Sunday, November 18th. Happy bidding!

Behind the Scenes Experiences
Bid on extraordinary and life-changing experiences at the sanctuary! This is your chance to tour the sanctuary, spend a day in the field, experience photographing the chimps, and more! You don’t want to miss these great opportunities!
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Chimp Art
Bid on one-of-a-kind art by our chimpanzee residents. Painting is an enriching activity that many of our residents enjoy. The chimps work intently – swirling their brushes, fingers, and sometimes their tongues, in circles or broad strokes – filling the once blank canvas with color. **NEW ITEMS ADDED**
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Gift Ideas
Choose from a variety of gift ideas including Save the Chimps merchandise, a hand-crafted chimpanzee cigar box, a Save the Chimps Sea Bag made out of recycled sails, and more! There’s something for everyone but don’t forget to shop for yourself! **NEW ITEM ADDED**
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Adorn your walls with captivating images of our beloved chimpanzee residents.
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Collaborative Primate Art
Here’s your chance to purchase extraordinary collaborative art by human and chimpanzee artists. Choose from two collaborative art pieces available by human-artist Nathaniel Gold and our chimpanzee residents.
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Artist Renderings
Bid on captivating portraits of beloved chimpanzee residents by digital artists Saula Cutter and Jan Wilson.
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Remember. . . bidding ends this Sunday, November 18th at 9pm EST*

*Items that receive bids in the last ten minutes of the auction will enter into Bid Wars and remain open until they have not been bid on for ten minutes.