Get to know me!

My name is Garfield and I was born on March 9, 1991 at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research to my mother Hope and father Eric. I stayed at Southwest until I was seven years old. In March 1998, I was sent to the Coulston Foundation. I remained at Coulston until Save the Chimps (STC) gained custody of me in 2001. I was a member of the Air Force Group, who were the first chimpanzee residents of STC. I was full of bravado and daring when I arrived, and did not hesitate to explore when my family was released onto the island.

I am a large and magnificent chimpanzee, if I do say so myself, and very “alpha.” I have lighter skin than most chimps, and a very prominent jaw. I’ve been told that I resemble my father, Eric. In 2003, three chimps were born in the Air Force Group, despite the fact that all of the males, including me, had been given vasectomies. It turns out that my vasectomy was unsuccessful, and genetic testing revealed that I am the biological father of all three babies: Jude, JB and Angie. My son Jude looks like his mother, Gogi, but JB and Angie are the spitting image of me. STC later rescued my brother Oliver, who also shares my unique facial features. 

Today, I am a high-ranking member of the group known as Doug’s Family, which includes my son JB and daughter Angie, as well as my best friend Billy. I was the alpha of the group but let my son, JB, take over the leadership role. 

You can help support Garfield with a symbolic adoption and you will receive a certificate, biography, update, and a beautiful portrait. Your $300 or $25 per month adoption provides Garfield with complete care for one week which includes three fresh, healthy meals of fruits and vegetables, loving daily care from specially-trained staff, and medical care from our veterinarians. It also helps us to maintain his beautiful island home and provide the many enrichment toys and activities that fulfill his life.

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