The chimps need 277 large canisters of Gatorade!


Good hydration and electrolyte balance is especially important to our elderly chimps. Although all of our chimps have fresh drinking water available to them at all times, our senior chimps are also encouraged to drink Gatorade to ensure they stay well hydrated.

small amount of the Gatorade powder is used to mask the flavor of the important medications that we give.  Chimpanzees have different likes and dislikes and the variety of flavors and colors guarantees that they take their medications prescribed by the veterinarians.  It’s also beneficial for chimps who have kidney disease, or are just feeling under the weather.

Help us to collect a 6-month supply of powdered Gatorade during the month of January.
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Save the Chimps, 16891 Carole Noon Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34945

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