February Gatorade Challenge

The Chimps Need 365 Canisters of Gatorade for 2012.

We need 170 more 51oz. canisters to reach our goal!

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Good hydration and electrolyte balance is especially important to our elderly chimps. Although all of our chimps have fresh drinking water available to them at all times, some of our senior chimps are also encouraged to drink Gatorade to ensure they stay well hydrated. It’s also beneficial for chimps who have kidney disease, or are feeling under the weather. Many of our chimps prefer to take their medications with a swallow of Gatorade. Gatorade is used in diluted form so that ur residents do not intake too much sugar.

A loud pant-hoot thank you goes out to Chris & Tom O’Neil!


Chris & Tom discovered Save the Chimps while researching animal groups online just a couple months ago. They recently read about our February Gatorade Challenge – STC’s campaign to collect 365 containers of  powdered Gatorade which would cover a year’s supply for the chimps.

Chris & Tom were inspired especially since Tom just so happened to have some inventory of Gatorade that he had collected for his softball team. They immediately contacted friends and colleagues and in a very short time, collected nearly 800 gallons of Gatorade as well as groceries, blankets, and toys!


It doesn’t stop there….

Because shipping that much Gatorade would have been too pricey, Chris and Tom took a break from the Michigan winter and took a 27-hour road trip to sunny Florida only stopping for a four-hour rest just to make this wonderful donation to our beloved chimps.

We could not be more delighted, inspired and grateful to the dedication Chris & Tom have shown in supporting Save the Chimps.

On behalf of all of us, especially the chimps THANK YOU Chris & Tom!!!

This put a huge dent in our February Gatorade challenge but we still need your help!!

Thanks to Chris, Tom and the rest of you have who have so generously donated, we need only 170 more 51oz canisters to complete our goal.

Help us meet our goal!!

Visit amazon.com to order.



Here’s why we use Gatorade:  The chimps have access to fresh water all day every day both on their islands and in their buildings.  The chimps’ Gatorade intake is monitored by our veterinarians, who determine which chimps will benefit from the extra fluids and electrolytes. Chimps who take their medications in Gatorade only get a small swallow. Gatorade has not caused negative health effects in the chimps.


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