Our Board Match Challenge just got even better—for one day only!

When you give today your generous donation to Save the Chimps will be matched with $2 for every $1 you send, for three times the impact!

Please make your gift now to provide three times the life-changing support for nearly 240 retired chimpanzees at Save the Chimps … including Tarzan’s loving family.

A former entertainer whose teeth were removed by a fearful trainer, Tarzan is a friendly and playful 39 year-old who now has a large family to call his own—thanks to staff determination, your good support and his own capacity to overcome all odds.

But it wasn’t always this way. We believe Tarzan was captured in the wild and never saw his natural family again. After many years with a private trainer Tarzan finally did have some happy years with Coby, his best friend … but after Coby died he was all alone again.

But almost as soon as Tarzan got to Save the Chimps, he made a new friend in Geraldine. Soon he made more friends in Garrey, and Cayenne, and Terry, and now for the first time since he was taken from Africa, Tarzan has a lively and supportive family group!

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent social animals. It means the world to know Tarzan is in such a wonderful sanctuary home. And it means the world to all of us that YOU support our mission so generously.

Please make your gift now during our Board Match challenge. For today only, your gift will be matched and tripled for three times the impact.

When we see Tarzan playing or just “hanging out” with his new friends and family, we see your support in action. We’ve made a promise to these chimps, and every donation you send helps care for them for the rest of their lives. Please don’t miss this chance to have your life-changing gift TRIPLED. Give now. Thank you!