Save the Chimps welcomed ten more chimps “Home for the Holidays” to their island home in Fort Pierce, Florida on Wednesday! Tinker, Bell, Scarlett, Nuri, Millie, Esmerelda, Jeannie, Sinbad, Shakey, and Walden boarded our custom Chimpanzee Migration Trailer and left New Mexico on Monday. The chimps thoroughly enjoyed their cross-country journey! Nuri enjoyed the sights and sounds of the road so much that she would get restless if the trailer was at a rest stop for too long, and demanded to get moving again! Jeannie enjoyed kicking back in her nest of blankets and Bell had a ball startling curious passers-by who peered into her window. When they arrived in Florida after a 40-hour journey, the chimps were happy to stretch their legs at last and explore their new indoor housing, which was lovingly decorated with welcome signs, cozy blankets, fluffy toys, and hibiscus leaves and flowers. The chimps will now get a chance to relax and get accustomed to their new surroundings, and then it will be on to their next adventure—setting foot onto their beautiful island for the very first time!

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